Hey there!

It's me, Gloria - and it's nice to see you here!

Born and raised New Yorker, I am currently living in Phoenix, Arizona. I love learning and I have studied sociology, public health, nutrition, communications design, and, most recently, user experience.

I am a curious creative who likes to explore and learn about what could be as well as a down-to-earth critical thinker who likes to evaluate what works best for now and the applicable steps needed to move forward.

As an experienced visual designer with project management, marketing, and research experience, I am currently looking for opportunities to grow as a UX Designer.

Throughout my career journey, I have always wanted to help improve people's lives and gaining the insight and skill set to do so. While I was working for non-profit organizations and public health agencies, I learned that I wanted to grow as a professional that can create tangible solutions, which led me to going back to school for communication design, and, most recently, user experience.

Through my work, I want to help create useful, engaging, and intuitive solutions that help people improve their lives.